Monday, August 26, 2013

Sexy Things to Instantly Turn Your Boyfriend On

Whether you are between the sheets with your boyfriend or you are miles away from each other, you need to know the right words that can turn him on. If you just want to tease him, you better send him a sexy message earlier on, and make him miss you even more.

Sex is psychological. You need to prepare your man for the impending love making. This will get into his system, and when he sees you later that day, he will be already unzipping his pants. So what are the sexiest things you can tell your boyfriend?

Sexy things to tell your boyfriend through text…
• Hurry up and text back. I need the phone to VIBRATE!
• It’s really cold here. Can you come and make me sweat?
• Do you remember the time I stunned you with the sexy lingerie? …..well, I have it on right now.
• I’m wearing lip gloss, do you mind coming over and taking it off of me?
• I suppose that outfit you put on today would look a lot better on the floor of my bedroom
• I’m alone in my room, door locked, fully naked with my phone on my chest. I’m texting you with one hand, and my other hand is busy.
• I want you to come here and make me scream.

During the action…
For men, there is nothing sexier than a woman who talks a little dirty and is loud in bed. As a girl, you need to know sexy things to say to your boyfriend, and which he really wishes that you could say. Below are five things that your boyfriend is dying to hear from you
• You animal
• I need you so bad
• Don’t stop, push harder
• Give the whole of it to me
• That feels so amazing

If you muster the right sexy things to say to your boyfriend, you will make your man feel as if he is in heaven.

Nice Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

Other than trust, love and respect, it is also true that a strong and healthy relationship is founded on positive communication.

Saying nice things keeps the conversation interesting and can be used as a secret tool to get what you want from your boyfriend. Nice things also help the guy to know that he is on the right track. Also because they are usually used to being the ones saying the nice things, it will also feel good for them being on the receiving end for a change.

Some of the nice things to say to your boyfriend on a daily basis include compliments. Notice his positive traits such as good looks, strength and character. Genuinely tell him how good he looks, or how best he is in at he does and do not restrain from being specific.

After an argument, telling them why you love them could also help restore the right atmosphere in the relationship.

Using the phrases, I miss you’ or am lucky to have you’ are also some of the nice things to say to your boyfriend that will definitely put a smile on his face.

Other nice things to say include what he does to make you smile. Your boyfriend will always love to know how his efforts to pleasure you make you feel. Let him know that you think about him, or his smell and how much it turns you on. This also includes the fantasies you have about you and him together, how often you think about him and how you like it.

It would also be nice to tell him the good things your friend or other people say about him. For instance how your friends may be jealous of you for having him. However it is not just about the nice things to say to your boyfriend, it is also about how you say them. Keep the nice things flowing slowly so as to give him room to take them in, be confident and a little teasing is also allowed.

Make Your Boyfriend Happy by Using Sweet Words

An ideal relationship requires much stuff to stay perfect. Communication, respect, loyalty and love may be the most essential of a happy romance. However, from time to time, as lovers what we demand most is appreciation. Each time, we like listening to something sweet and complementing. It makes us feel that we are cared for. This too applies to your boyfriend.

Look for flirty things to say to your boyfriend to make your love stronger.

A guy who has spent most of his specious time pursuing and pleasing you, would be looking for any sign to know whether he is on the right track. Besides, during the start of a relationship, guys try pretty hard to make a girl happy. 
Once you start dating him, the guy would by all means try to prove to you how worthy he is of you by cute words and wooing you each day. Therefore, when your boyfriend does something loving, let him know just your feeling. This will make him the happiest man on the continent knowing that he pleased you, and most likely, he may put more effort to impress you again and again.

However, if you never appreciate everything he does, he will automatically stop to please you since he will assume that you do not care and appreciate his efforts. Romantic gestures are expensive in romance. Hence, if you want to have an Ideal relationship with your boyfriend, learn to appreciate his sweet gestures by saying flirty things to your boyfriend. He will be overjoyed to know that he is able to make you happy.
So if you wish to bring a smile on your boyfriend face, and leave him crazy about you all the time, use flirty words to perform the magic. There are many flirty things to say to your boyfriend and they include the following:

I feel very secure and loved when I am with you

Gosh, you look so cute and sexy, all the girls around here are admiring you my dear.
The world seams perfect when I am in your arms

You are such a man that every woman would dream of having
My friends feel jealous of having such a wonderful man like you in my life

When I am with you I feel like a full woman



Sunday, August 18, 2013

Several Cute Quotes for Your Boyfriend

If you truly love your boyfriend, then you have to let him know about this every moment. And what better way to do this then through a series of quotes? In this article we'll present you a series of cute quotes for your boyfriend which work well regardless of the time or location:

"You, my dear, are the one who made me feel beautiful, who made me believe in myself and convinced me of my value. You're the one who taught me to love and showed me how it feels to be loved, who taught me what feelings and emotions really mean."

"You know that it's hard to write in words how I feel about you. Words are simply not enough, I just want you to know that I love you more than you can imagine. You are everything I could wish for in this life."

"Lying next to you ... I think ... there were moments.... smile for the moments that feel now.... and ... dreaming moments to be born ... with you ... . I close my eyes; feel the world... and how it revolves around us."

"I do not know what to tell you for the start, I'm not ashamed of my own thoughts, and I would not want to hide, I'd like to confess, but I nail. I let fate decide my consciousness, so please guide me wherever you want."

"I'm a raindrop crushed between your eyelids. I'm a vagrant thought, lost in your hair, sun fires late morning dew, second hourglass grains of sand fell." This is actually part of the funny and cute quotes for your boyfriend. Here are some more romantic ones:

"its night! Late in the night.... the stars shine in my window, reminding me of how your eyes shine the gleam that I'll never be able to forger. And now after so much time has passed since we saw each other, I just want to be back in your hands once again."

"For me you're like a sun that always protects my body from the storm, unfortunately it's now raining, but I know that after rain the sun rises in the sky and we can prevail. Our love story will never end."

These are some cute quotes for your boyfriend that will help you express your feeling in a romantic way without too much hassle. Keep in mind: never forget to smile and watch ahead!

Cute Quotes to Say to Your Boyfriend

As a girl, one way of spicing up your love life is by familiarizing yourself with some cute quotes to say to your boyfriend. Knowing and applying such cute quotes on him will strengthen the bond in your relationship. Sharing such quotes with your boyfriend will make him to be forever in love with you since he will feel cared for and appreciated.

Writing, mailing, in boxing, or texting him such cute love quotes will bring back his memories of the time you met and fell in love, making your boyfriend to treasure you even more. By sending him romantic quotes, especially when he is deep in thoughts or absent minded, he will have a good reason to smile blushingly and this may go a long way in making his day. 
It would be nice for you to form a habit of having cute quotes to say to your boyfriend everyday so that he can realize how much he means to you. Some of the cute things you can quote for your boyfriend may be;

If only each minute that you made me happy I could reach the sky and pluck a shining star, I would end up with the entire evening sky in my hands.

Every time I stare deep into your loving eyes, all I see is a rainbow with all the beautiful colors of your eternal love that shines bright to all the days of my life, and make them worth living. 

Since I first got a glimpse of you, I was afraid of meeting you. Since we met, I was afraid of kissing your tender lips.

Since we kissed, I was afraid of giving my love to you. Now that we are in love, I am afraid of losing you, my love.  
It is important to add fun to your relationship and the most amazing way of accomplishing this is by

adopting some of these cute quotes to say to your boyfriend. They are sure to fill his day with endless happiness. You can extend your creativity to making stickers bearing these quotes and sticking them to his favorite places where you are certain he will find them.  

Quotes to Tell Your Boyfriend

Having a relationship should never be an end in itself. It is important to keep the flames burning and make the relationship as interesting as possible. In all likelihood, boys seem to be difficult to convince and this makes girls find it hard to get the right words to say. Nevertheless, there are many quotes to tell your boyfriend that can fundamentally alter your relationship and even rekindle the almost dying flames. In essence, what you say can even be more effective that the actions you strive to make.

I have never had anyone love me the way you love me, you are simply iconic in every love venture you make”. This is one of the love quotes to tell your boyfriend. If a girl finds the best mood and place to say this kind of quote, it is possible to bring the boyfriend close and make him reciprocate the love undivided.

According to relationship experts and professionals, the best boyfriend is not always best looking or the richest. Anybody that makes you feel great, gorgeous and appreciated is better. The use of quotes can make it easy for girls to bring out the best of their boyfriends. If you are a girl and your boyfriend does not show you any signs of love, quotes could bring a significant change that you have been looking for.

I always feel better and give my best when I see your charming smile”. This is yet another captivating quote to say to your boyfriend. These little quotes can seem small but you cannot underestimate their impact. Boyfriends like being told that they are the best even at a time when they are not expecting that. There is no better way to say this other than going for unique quotes to tell your boyfriend. Indeed, it is time to bring out the best of your boyfriend by telling him the most romantic quotes that will make him want more and more of you.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

10 Romantic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend and Questions Not to Ask

Guys may look to be shallow-minded in girls sight most especially during in a relationship. But somehow, you can find their sweetness and genuineness once they respond back to your romantic questions. If your want to appear as lovingly sweet to your guy, here are the 10 romantic questions to ask your boyfriend without annoying him too much.

Which quality of mine do you admire the most?
What is the wildest thing you want to do with me?
How would you define love?
How long do you see our relationship lasting?
Why were you initially attracted to me?
Has our relationship changed you in any way? How?
If you had only 5 minutes with me, what would you want to do?
Does any song remind you of me? If yes, which one?
When you met me for the first time, what was the first thing that attracted you to me?
What could I do that would make you believe that I love you?

10 questions NOT to ask your boyfriend.

On the other hand, there are also questions you need to avoid for you not to appear clingy and annoying. It is a major turn-off to a guy to have a very self-seeking and overly-attached girlfriend.

What are you thinking about right now?
Would you still date/love me if I was blind/disfigured/crippled?
Are you seeing someone else?
Why on Earth would you do that?
And how many girlfriends did you have before me, anyway?
Why are you looking at that girl?
Who is better: your mum or me?
Will you look for another girl if I die?
What would you do if I kiss another guy?
Do you love me?

These questions may appear ridiculous and may creep your guy out. Of course, it would make him think you are not intelligent and you are tightening the rope on his neck. Now, to keep your guy and to love you more without being too annoying, just think of the romantic questions to ask your boyfriend and you will see what he thinks and how he feels for you without scrutinizing too much.

Something Very Sweet to Say to Your Boyfriend

Unleash the romantic side of you and impress your boyfriend to the core. As they say, Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, both genders think different and usually expect different things. Here’s something very sweet to say to your boyfriend so that he falls crazily in love with you again and admire you for your feminine charms.

>>>> I love your style…After all, it’s his style and body language is what impressed you in the first place, right? Why don’t you just tell him openly? He will feel extremely confident and feel happy that he makes your heart thump louder every time you meet!

>>>> People say nothing lasts forever… If it is so, how about me being your nothing? The phrase will instantly bring a smile in your boyfriend’s face. It’s something very sweet to say to your boyfriend and will show him how much he means to you. A short but powerful line to show your level of attachment to him.

>>>> Your unique smell…Just carries me to someplace whenever you come close to me!
The most catchy and romantic phrase of all. Say that you love his smell! Maybe, you haven’t noticed it yet but every man has something unique and the way he smells will usually lure you towards him. Tell him you feel surrounded by his masculine scent and it keeps you glued to him.

>>>> There’s nothing safer for me than being cuddled in your arms…You love cuddling in his arms whenever you get the chance, isn’t it? Almost every woman on planet earth loves this emotional attachment. When you feel secure while cuddling close to him, he will feel protective about you! Tell him that and he will hug you even tighter…

>>>> You make me smile even when I’m down…Just the right one to let him know he’s good at understanding you and always gives you a great day, no matter what! Boost your relationship because these lines are something very sweet to say to your boyfriend and will bring you both closer than ever.

Romantic Things to Do For Your Boyfriend

We all know how important it is to keep the romance in the relationship alive. However, it does not always have to be your boyfriend making you feel special. To return his affection, here are a few romantic things to do for your boyfriend;

>>>> Dedicate him a song over the radio...To maximise the chances of him hearing the song, do a research on the radio station and program he loves. Have the song played at this specific time. The songs could range from his favourite songs or songs that bring fond memories of the two of you.

>>>> Plan a date…Have full control of this date and ensure that all pressure has been taken from him. Plan an evening you are sure he will enjoy. When the bill finally comes, do not let him pay, pay it yourself. This is one of romantic things to do for your boyfriend. He will fall deeper for you.

>>>> Buy him something special…Ask his friends or family for that one thing that he loves. If you can, get it for him. If there is an upcoming movie or game he likes, get him the tickets. You can accompany him to watch them. You can buy him his favourite magazine or book when you go out shopping as well.

>>>> Make him dinner…We all know that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Prepare him his favourite meal. You can have scented candles and some soft background music to create a romantic ambience as you eat. Dress up to make the dinner special.

>>>> Do not forget his birthdays…Strive to make all his birthdays memorable. You can go for a holiday, spend a night out together or take strolls under the moon. You could bake a cake for him too. Ensure that you spend time with him and his family. A man loves a woman who loves his family.

Do not be afraid or embarrassed to take the first step to add romance in your relationship. Guys tend to have a hard exterior but they also like to feel special and wanted. To know the best romantic things to do for your boyfriend, find out what he truly loves and work your way from there.