Wednesday, October 23, 2013

4 Amazing Ways to Get Commitment from Your Man

If you are dating a man for few weeks everything is going great, but you have no idea over the future of your relationship, then it’s probably right time that you should expect some commitment from your man. However, if you want to avoid the talk of this issue and need some tips for getting your man to commit, then you are at the right place.

1. Express your Priorities…If the guy is taking you for granted like making plans without confirming from you, then you should make your priorities clear to him. Don’t do this to spoil his plans or stop him from having fun. Make it clear that you are just dating and it’s not a relationship, you don’t have to actually say this, just make him realize by denying him your full-time.

2. Hang-Out with Male Friends…You can use the jealousy factor and bring some insecurity in him of losing you. The best way to do that is spend some time with your male friends. This would make him realize that you have other options to spend quality time. Most men believe that man and woman can’t be friends, and that other men like to use friendship as an opportunity to get laid.

3. Show Your Sweet Side to Him…You should show your affection to him, not necessarily sexually. This would make him realize that you still like him the most. You don’t have to be hard on him for not being committal. Make the time you spend together filled with fun, so that he misses you once you leave.

4. Voice Your Expectations…You don’t have to actually tell what you want from the relationship. However, you can tell him in different ways that how much you respect people who commit to things in life. 

If you are dating a man who is resisting from committing in the relationship, then the above suggested four ways to make him commit would surely help you. 


3 Ways to Get a Man to Commit to Marriage

There are two types of relationships. The first one involves a woman who knows where she is heading to, while the second one involves a woman who doesn't have an idea at all about where the relationship is heading. The first woman knows that her man will actually commit to the relationship and marry her, and that's a fact. She often doesn't assume because everything is done according to plan.

But the second woman only hopes that things will get better, and hopefully, the man will marry her in the end. Such a false hope is a rich ingredient of a major heartbreak, and if you are this type of a woman, you should learn how to tackle this problem before your heart is wretched apart. Now, this is how to get a man to commit to marriage:

1] Stop being his girlfriend, but love him…Being a girlfriend is just that, there's no forever promise. If you want to get married to your boyfriend, stop being his girlfriend and love him. You should know where you stand in the relationship. Loving him means you are willing to stay with him forever, but being a girlfriend only means you are there for sometimes, no actual commitment to getting married.

2] Talk to him without pressurizing him…Sometimes marriage talks can pile up pressure on a man if they are not ready to marry you. If you want to bring such talks onto the table, you should do it in a polite manner. You could say you need someone whom you'll get married to and start a family together. Notice that it's a statement, not a question. So if he really loves you, he should tell you his mind as soon as possible. In fact, this is the best way to know whether or not he is planning to marry you.

3] Don't give him all the benefits of a relationship…The worst mistake you can ever make is to let him have the whole of you when you are only his girlfriend. Not only does this apply sexually, but it also applies in several other ways. Don't break your plans for him, don't come and look after him when he's ill, and don't always let him call you to come to his place all the time whenever he is around.

If you give these benefits, then they will see no need of committing to marriage because they already have what they can ever look for in a marriage. Follow the 3 steps above to learn how to get a man to commit to marriage. You'll notice your man's reactions as soon as you start to implement these ways to make him commit.

Recommended Tips for Getting a Man to Commit

Still don’t know how to get your man commit? In relationships, it’s one of the greatest hurdles most women face. Men just go into a state of shock when you talk about committing to a relationship. And when you ask for the reason; they can’t come up with a valid justification. In this article, we’ll talk about tips for getting a man to commit. 

First, don’t ever involve in any argument. Men hate that. If you think that you can win him simply by winning an argument and proving you’re right, then you’re going wrong. Don’t do that if you don’t want to be hated.

Second, men just love their space. If you think you can influence his decision or can make him commit just by being with him most of the times, that’ll make the situation worse. If you’ve confessed before him today, don’t be desperate to meet him tomorrow. Leave it up to him. Show a casual attitude and let him call you for a date.  

Third, what are other tips for getting a man to commit? Don’t get too desperate. Don’t force him to come up with a definite answer within a day or two. Even if you’ve told him that you’re ready to commit, let him loose. Don’t push him too much. Rather show like you’re not looking for any reply soon. Try not to be too demanding and dependant on his love.

Fourth, try to be his friend. If you can make him comfortable through your company, he will automatically like to be with you for a long time. Try to understand him.  

Fifth, commitment needs lots of maturity and trust. You both need time to develop a good understanding in your relationship. A relationship grows with time. Don’t try to control the speed at which your relationship is moving at present. If you try to be too dominant, you’ll simply lose him. Instead, let the relationship flourish over time. Try these ways to make him commit.  


Saturday, October 19, 2013

How to Make Him Want to Propose!

If you have been in a long-term relationship with your man for a long time but the marriage proposal is yet to come, the following easy tips on how to make him want to propose! Can help you get a proposal without pressurizing your man.

Know what the man wants in a wife…It you have been in a relationship with the man for some time and you like him, do a research on what he finds attractive in a wife, and give him the same. These marketing strategies can turn out to be very effective because no man would be willing to let his dream wife go. Going for another man does not help either. The most effective way of getting a proposal lies in providing your man with all what he values in a woman. 

Offer him something that he can value but he does not have it…Most of the features most women think are of value cannot cause a man to propose, because anyone else can offer the same. Majority of women see being kind, caring, soft or sweet to their men as a weakness. Surprisingly, men greatly value these traits. A man who is interested in marriage does not value your performance in your career because he is looking for a wife. You therefore need to provide something of more value that you haven’t offered before.

Offer lasting dependability and quality…An average woman undergoes many changes in her love life since her childhood. If you have decided on settling down in marriage, you have to convince your man that this is a permanent change, not unlike the other changes you have made before. When you provide quality and dependability, your man is likely to propose sooner than you expect.

Give an excellent service…Your concerns are important but they should have a limit. When the man comes home after a long day of work, provide him with the perfect environment to relax. Giving him hard times at home will make him want to spend more time away and this and he won’t propose any time soon. 

3 Effective Ways on How to Get Him to Propose Sooner

Any woman dreams about walking down the aisle with the man she loves. This makes most modern women use different tactics to pressure their men into marrying them. Increasing pressure from married colleagues and society expectations makes many women expect a proposal from their men sooner.

However, men do not easily jump into making a proposal to their partners, but they usually want to see the level of commitment of their partner. For women who have been in a relationship for a long time without getting a marriage proposal from their men, the following tips can help them get a proposal soon without looking desperate.

Express your level of commitment to your boyfriendMost people make assumptions that their men know their level of commitment to the relationship. Making such assumptions won’t make you get a marriage proposal soon. You should have a honest talk with him and explain where you stand in his life. This will get him thinking and he will most likely propose soon if he considers marrying you. 

Resist the urge to move in with himYou have probably heard of the phrase “why buy the cow when the milk is free?” living with your man gives him all the benefits of marriage except that you are not married. If you cook for your man, do his laundry and sleep with him when you are not married, there will be nothing else to look forward to in marriage. Keeping a distance from him will keep him wanting more from you and you will most likely get a marriage proposal sooner.

Start talking about the future...Starting to talk about the things you wish to do with him in future will make him see your level of commitment to the relationship and make him consider marrying you. You can start giving suggestions on where you want to settle or how you would like to acquire wealth.

7 Ways to Get Your Man to Propose Marriage to You

By nature, human beings are social animals. This fact makes it necessary for couples who are in courtship to be united by marriage. Most women find it difficult to tell their men that they need to get married. However, this difficulty will no longer be a challenge if the following 7 ways to get your man to propose marriage to you followed to the later.

The following are 7 ways to get your man to propose marriage to you:

1) Use indirect methods to show him that you are ready. This can be achieved by gathering suggestive articles like leaving marriage magazines on his table, telling him interesting stories about a colorful wedding you have attended in past, and so on.

2) Since people’s mind is not the same, you should never assume that your man is ready for marriage. Therefore, it is important to tell him that you are ready. However, you should not try to push him to make the same decision. Instead, give him humble time to make his own decision.

3) The fact that you may want to express to him that marriage is important for them, you should be careful that you do not make it to appear as if it is consuming part of your relationship lest he pulls away when he senses your eagerness.

4) Try to introduce him to your family members by inviting him to important family occasions. This will make him feel special before the eyes of your people.

5) Give him enough freedom and introduce your friends to him, especially if you have happily married friends. He will definitely admire their good marriage life and he will sooner ask you for it.

6) If you have talked to him about marriage and you do not see any changes, then you can pass the same message to his most genuine friend. Most men like getting advise from their friends.

7) Finally, if all the above ways have failed then ask him his opinion whether he will marry you one day or not. This is the hardest question, but the truth will be known immediately. If he intends not to marry you, then he should not waste your time, find another ready man.

In conclusion, try to follow the above 7 ways to get your man to propose marriage to you, and you will ever be happy. Thanks.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Teasing Text Messaging - Amping Up the Anticipation

Have you ever tried to use Teasing Text Messaging - Amping Up the Anticipation .It is one of the tactics in using text messages that you should learn. It will really make you enjoy staying with your man in your relationship with great happiness .This is mainly due to the anticipation that it can create in a man .You may not be well talented in applying text massages hence you are a bit reluctant in trying to use them .

They should not hinder you from achieving the great anticipation that is necessary in your relationship. Just search for the messages online and try to apply them in your relationship. As a lady they will change the way your man perceives you. In trying to apply teasing text messaging you should be careful in the following ways.
Try to learn your man first...

Men are different .There are those who will not prefer a lot of jokes. In such a case if you end up making a lot of jokes he may be offended. There are sometimes also when you can apply the jokes effectively. You should identify those times for you to apply so that you will be able to make your man happy .The way you use the texts for you to achieve anticipation while teasing also matters. For you to achieve great convenience for the start it is avoidable for you to download the messages from the sites offering them for you to apply.
How to use text messaging to create sexual tension can also be another topic of discussion where you may like to achieve in creating sexual tension in your man. It also needs some research where you will be required to visit different sites offering the service for you to learn different tips on how to apply the texts for you to achieve certain level of sexual tension in your man.

Sizzling Tips on Sending Hot Text Messages

For you to make your man happy there are many things you can try. One of the best known tips that really work is using text messages. In making use of text messages there are certain thing you need to do for you to achieve in making your man happy .Actually there are some messages you may send and they end up making him sad.

This makes it necessary for you to learn different sizzling tips on sending hot text messages that will lead your man to appreciating the messages. You may be wondering on how to get the tips for you to apply. That should not worry you because you can easily get the tips online for you to apply. What you will be required to do is just log into the website offering the tips and learn them .The following are benefits of learning on how mot apply sizzling tips on sending hot text messages to your man online.
Getting the tips using the shortest time possible...

In learning from online sources you will achieve in getting the tips using the shortest time possible. You may be a lady who is too busy in your daily routine. That will not hinder you from getting the useful tips because you can use your smart phone to search for the website where you will get the wonderful tips to make your man happy using a text message.
You can easily achieve in surprising your man in getting the tips from online sources...

You may be seated with your man in your house .Without moving or making any physical search you can just search online using your Smartphone and you can text the man where he will really feel good. You may be willing to learn on how to use text messaging to create sexual tension in your relationship .You can easily achieve that in making use of the texts.

How to Use Text Messages to Turn on the Sexual Tension

Do you know how to use text messages to turn on the sexual tension? It is one of the best things that you need to learn. A text message will act as a way of communicating to your lover perfectly in case there are s some things that you fear to share out when you are together through speaking.
A text can easily communicate your inner feeling because when texting the person will not be around to make you develop some form of fear like the case when you may be close together. There are different ways on how to use text messages to turn on the sexual tension the following are some of the ways.

Texting your man to tell him how you feel about him...
Through texting to t ell the man how you feel about him the man will take time and meditate over what you will have written to him in form am of a text message. This will create a lot of tension because the man will be wondering how comes you have decided to message him such words. It will take him time to think about the issue which will even make him to get more attracted to you .This can perfectly work in case you text when you are not together because it will allow time for the man to think more about you before you meet.

How to use text messaging to create sexual tension can be an issue that is really disturbing you. For you to overcome your disturbance you need to take time and do some research for you to come up with some ways that will best enable you overcome the problem. One of the best ways for you to use is contacting experts who know how to apply the messages for you to get some tips for you to get started.