Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cute Messages to Leave for Your Boyfriend
Someone who loves and adores you needs some sweet words to keep him motivated. It is important to keep your boyfriend coming back to you not only by the love you show him but by the sweet words you use on him too. Cute and romantic texts is a sure way of making him want you even more in addition to expressing your innermost feelings for him. You are looking for an ingenious way to make him have a great day? These cute messages to leave your boyfriend will definitely do the trick.

>>>> Your voice so deep and sexy, every time I hear it I want to face tomorrow.

>>>> With you am at ease, I feel like there is nothing to worry about in the whole world.

>>>> You are my fantasy baby; I never thought that fantasies come true.

>>>> I love the way you love me.

>>>> I was a hazard to myself until you came around; you showed me how to love myself.

>>>> You are the King of my heart.

>>>> You are the best lover I could have ever wished for.

>>>> I feel that God made you to love me and me to love you right back.

>>>> At school I was taught that sixty seconds make one hour, but they forgot to teach me that one second without you last forever.

>>>> I am glad I answered you when you asked my name and I never regret giving you my number, you made good use of it.

>>>> I never get tired of life for I know there is someone who truly loves me.

These cute messages to leave for your boyfriend will without doubt melt his heart away when he reads them. Do you know the ripple effect will be? More and more love from him. He will be yours for keeps. Come on, select a few and surprise him with them. Show him your romantic side.

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Things to Say to Make a Guy Smile over Text
Do love being uplifted when you are down? Guys love getting uplifting texts especially from someone they love because they know that whatever is being said comes from the senders heart and not just a mere flirt. Paying your boyfriend some compliments goes a long way in making the relationship stronger.

You don’t have to wonder whether you should be texting him first, he is your man after all; you should just know when to send him a text that will make him smile and the words to use. Here is a list of things to say to make a guy smile over text.

>>>> When I first laid my eyes on you, I knew that my childhood prayers had been answered.

>>>< Good things come to those who wait; you are certainly worth the wait.

>>>> God must have taken some time off before creating you; you are one amazing human being.

>>>> I never knew what falling in love was until I met you.

>>>> I never believed into tomorrow until I met you.

>>>> You are the sugar in my tea; did I mention the butter in my bread?

>>>> You might not be my first love but you are certainly my best love.

>>>> He is hot, perfectly shaped, he is an Alpha male, he is all MINE!

>>>> My life wasn’t colorful; it was black and white until you came around.

>>>> If walls could speak, say how much I love you and how many times I say you name every day you would blush.

>>>> Sometimes I wish I would sleep in your t-shirt, your smell turns me on.

When you want to make a guy smile over a text just say simple sweet things. It is the simple things said in a relationship that hold the longest memories. The above highlighted things to say to make a guy smile over text certainly offer useful tips for texting someone you like.

Cute Messages to Send to a Boy You Like
Talking to someone you like can be tricky especially when you are not sure how they will react. Let’s face it; that you like someone by extension means that you have some feelings for them. Luckily, nowadays you can hide behind technology and send cute messages to a boy you like without having to worry about how he acts in response.

The good thing about texting is that most of times the person on the other end is likely to get curious and want to know more about you. If you know how to use words correctly and coupled with tips for texting someone you like, that boy you’ve had a crush on for so long might not be far from your arms. Here are cute messages to send to a boy you like to help you through:

>>>> If I had a chance to rearrange the alphabet U AND I would be put together.

>>>> I found you first; the second best thing that is bound to happen is fall in love with you.

>>>> Boy, I like you; I know the feeling is mutual.

>>>> This special text is for some special, that someone is YOU.

>>>> Whenever you are feeling down, never be afraid to share your troubles with me; I will always be a text away.

>>>> Life is never a waste if you are surrounded by the right people.

>>>> You have been running through my mind all day, I miss you.

>>>> Good friends are hard to find, I found one I will keep him close to me always.

>>>> Sometimes am lost on what to say, just know that I treasure and like you so much.

With these cute messages to send to a boy you like, that boy you admire is now within your reach. Should I text him first? You have the duty to. How else will he know that you like him if you don’t take the initiative to let him know? Send him a cute text now.

Friday, November 8, 2013

I Want to Get Married: He Wants to Wait
I have known this guy for three years now. To say that he is Mr. Right is an understatement. Since I met him, my life has changed considerably. He came and swept me over my feet, literally. There is some mix into the whole relationship though, I want to get married he wants to wait. I am torn between a rock and a hard place. Should I wait for him or should I quit before it’s too late?

Many women are familiar with such a situation, where they really want to get married but the man they are with doesn’t think the time is right. If you are ever caught in such a situation, here’s what to do:

Have a Candid Chat with Your Man…Before you decide to call it quits you need to sit down with him and tell him that he needs to reconsider his position in regards to getting married. Be honest with him that you are getting a little impatient with his time wasting. Don’t forget to mention to him that neither of you is getting younger in case he forgot. 

Encourage Him to Embrace the Idea of Getting Married…Perfect relationships most of the times end up into marriage. Encourage your man to get married to you by showing him the positivity that comes with it. Spruce things up by sending him sweet texts when he is away at work. When he comes home read him cute love quotes but make sure they are marriage oriented.

Consider Your Options…Take time out to reflect on what option you have and decide on the way forward. Make sure you seek advice before settling on any particular choice. Talk to a relationship expert and tell him that you want to get married but your guy wants to wait and hear what they have to say. If all doesn’t work, don’t despair may be, just maybe he might change his heart if you give him some more time. If he doesn’t change consider leaving.

It may be hard to face the truth that you can breakup with a man you have known for a long period of time just because he doesn’t want to get married. Make sure you exhaust all options before you call it quits!

Men Who Can't Commit to a Relationship
It is not uncommon to have failed dates once in a while when in a relationship. Many women will attest to the fact that they had to wait for their men a little longer than the scheduled time due to some unforeseen reasons. While there is nothing wrong with this, if your man makes it a habit, then there is a problem.

If you man can’t keep time even for simple dates the he falls under the category of men who can’t commit to a relationship. Outlined below are sure signs that your man belongs to this category;

He Moves Relatively Fast…When you met him, he quickly brought up the issue of getting married on the fourth date. It wasn’t long before you asked him if he still stands by his thoughts and you got a totally different answer! Be warned girl, this could be a sign that he is not mature enough to make a commitment to a relationship.

He Just Broke Up…Has your man just broken up from a relationship? If the answer is yes then perhaps that’s the reason he is reluctant when it comes to committing to you. It can only take your ingenuity to make it happen. Encourage him to try out a new relationship by sending him sweet texts and cute love quotes to make him believe in love again.

He Can’t Concentrate On One Woman…There is nothing wrong with randomly appreciating a person as “hot” once in a while in a relationship. But if a guy constantly appreciates other women then we have a problem. I mean a man who wants to commit to a relationship won’t keep checking on other women in your presence. 

Women who are in relationships with men who can’t commit have a tough choice to make between staying with them or look for better treatment elsewhere, which is more or less a personal decision.

How Do You Get a Man to Love You?
Ever had a crush on man and all you wished for was that he was yours for keeps? Sometimes it takes courage and self-confidence to walk up to a man and tell him on his face that you love him. But how often does this happen? Very rarely, you have to think twice before pulling such a move since you don’t know how the guy will react to your request.

You certainly don’t want rejection and if the truth is to be told no one likes being rejected more so by a man you have a thing for. So, how do you get a man to love you without trying so hard? Here are simple ways to make it happen:

Arrange For a Date Somewhere Secluded So That You Can Talk and Unwind…You can arrange for a candle lit dinner in a secluded restaurant somewhere in town. Ensure that the ambiance is calm; in the middle of your meal you can tell the man how much you adore him. Allow him time to share his feelings and outlook as well.

Show Him Affection…One of the simple ways to get a man to love you is genuinely expressing your affection to him. While expressing affection alone may not be enough to make him love you, take it a notch higher by sending him sweets texts when he least expects it. If the response is good, sending him cute love quotes would only bring him closer.

Dress In a Sexy Way Once in A while…Dressing in sexy attire is a sure way of getting a man to love you. When in private dress in sexy lingerie, conduct a little private show while at it. Be sure to have a plan, since at times dressing in a sexy way may excite him. When in public remember to act like a lady, since you don’t want to attract unnecessary attention. 

With these simple ways, you don’t have to ask how do you get a man to love you, he is now within your reach. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

Make a Man Want a Relationship
It takes some little effort to get a date from a man you admire. A man you wished was yours. Most women find it hard to out rightly tell a man they want to be in a relationship with them. The surest way to make a man want a relationship is by displaying the right signs and hints that would make him figure out what your intentions with him are. Here is how to do it;

Be Selective with Your Timing…Be selective on exactly when you want to get into a serious relationship with your man. That you really want to be with man does not mean you acting desperate or na├»ve. Men are turned off my women who act too available for a relationship since they tend to think that the woman is suffering emotionally. Deciding when to make it serious will seem like you are the one inviting him into a relationship with you.

Uphold Your Influence in the Relationship…You certainly don’t want to be in a position where you are asking your man what his stand on you is. This will not only make you sound susceptible but he may presuppose he has control over you thereby making you lose your attraction to him. Men don’t fall for women who try so hard to make them get into a relationship. They fall for women who have standards when it comes to engaging with their men, it is for this reason that you have to uphold your power in the relationship.

Constantly Remind Him That you’re Different…Most men don’t want to get into a relationship to avoid heartache and emotional turmoil that follows after breakups. This is especially true for men who have been in failed relationship before. Is the fear of falling in love driving him away? Well, it is your task to remind your man that you are different from other women he has dated. Accompany this with corresponding actions.

Falling in love with a guy you really like could be one of the most satisfy experience you can have as a woman. It is easy to make a man want a relationship if you play your cards right. However, whatever you do, don’t act desperate lest he takes you for granted.

When a Man Pulls Away Bring Him Closer with This Move
It’s been close to a year now since you met your man. The fire that you one associated with the relationship when it was new has gone out. He doesn’t call as often as he did back then. He doesn’t propose for night outs and candle lit dinners. He prefers hanging out with his friends or going to the gym than being with you. While all hope may seem lost, don’t be anxious, when a man pulls away bring him closer with this move outlined below.

Your man may be pulling away for different reasons, but guess what, pulling away by men when in a relationship is perfectly normal. As a matter of fact pulling away happens when his feelings for you grow deeper. Falling in love can make a man feel susceptible, and he will try to pull a move that will make him not lose himself.

Never Go After Him…When this happens, most women make the mistake of going after their men, thereby looking desperate. If a man pulls away, be sure that he will come around after a while and the best move to pull is to create tension so that he can find his way back into your arms. Trying to follow your man when he pulls away will be purging the tension he needs for him to come back.

Start it today, since you man will pull in and out of your relationship. When a man pulls away bring him closer with this move and make it a practice every time it happens. This move has to do with self-esteem; have inner strength, but a pliable outside. Be sure to have a constructive chat with your man when he comes back after a period of withdrawal.

Why does he keep pulling away? He simply pulls away because he doesn’t want to become venerable. The next time he pulls away, you know what to do, by pulling this move repeatedly; he will soon get over it and stick with you forever. 

How to Make Him Commit Quickly and Easily
That you man deeply loves you has never been in contention. As a matter of fact your girlfriends envy you. To them, you are in a perfect relationship. You know it as well, the only problem is you are unsure of your mans’ motives since he won’t commit. You simply can’t handle the thought of losing him. Take a deep breath and relax, here is how to make him commit quickly and easily.

Tell Him What You Want…Be open with him, perhaps the reason why he won’t commit is because he is unsure of what you want as well. Politely tell him that you want his full commitment to the relationship. Do this in a nice way so that he doesn’t misinterpret your message. 

Be Natural…Don’t try to be perfect in everything you do so as to please him. If you walk down this road, you will end up losing your identity and may hurt your personality as well. If your man says something you don’t understand, don’t act like you know what he is talking about. Remember that you are both special but in different ways.

Insist On Meeting his Family…By meeting his parents for instance, you are in a way part of his life. If a man introduces you to his family, be sure that he is prepared for a lifetime commitment. He will start seeing you as his future wife. Only few men would introduce women they don’t intend to marry to their families.

Make Him Feel Special…You’ve been wondering on how to make him commit quickly and easily? Show him that you love him alone and he will be more secure. If he is a potential husband, there is no problem in sizing him up. Buy him gifts that suggest you care about him. He will be yours for keeps.

Show Him That You Are Not After His Material Wealth…You man might not be super rich, but the fact is men tend to get turned off by women who are with them for what they have and not who they are. If you show him that you don’t look into what he owns, he will see you as a potential lifetime partner and will even look for your opinion when he is about to make a major financial decision. 

With these 5 easy steps to make him commit, you will certainly have your man by your side for long. Try them out, they are simple to execute.