Sunday, November 17, 2013

Cute Messages to Leave for Your Boyfriend
Someone who loves and adores you needs some sweet words to keep him motivated. It is important to keep your boyfriend coming back to you not only by the love you show him but by the sweet words you use on him too. Cute and romantic texts is a sure way of making him want you even more in addition to expressing your innermost feelings for him. You are looking for an ingenious way to make him have a great day? These cute messages to leave your boyfriend will definitely do the trick.

>>>> Your voice so deep and sexy, every time I hear it I want to face tomorrow.

>>>> With you am at ease, I feel like there is nothing to worry about in the whole world.

>>>> You are my fantasy baby; I never thought that fantasies come true.

>>>> I love the way you love me.

>>>> I was a hazard to myself until you came around; you showed me how to love myself.

>>>> You are the King of my heart.

>>>> You are the best lover I could have ever wished for.

>>>> I feel that God made you to love me and me to love you right back.

>>>> At school I was taught that sixty seconds make one hour, but they forgot to teach me that one second without you last forever.

>>>> I am glad I answered you when you asked my name and I never regret giving you my number, you made good use of it.

>>>> I never get tired of life for I know there is someone who truly loves me.

These cute messages to leave for your boyfriend will without doubt melt his heart away when he reads them. Do you know the ripple effect will be? More and more love from him. He will be yours for keeps. Come on, select a few and surprise him with them. Show him your romantic side.

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